Diaper Houdini

Diaper Houdini

Diaper (noun) a piece of absorbent material wrapped around a baby’s bottom to absorb waste
Houdini(Verb) to appear, vanish, or escape a difficult situation quickly

Yes, parents, this is a real thing! And nothing is worse waking up to a crying baby or toddler, diaper off, with wet sheets and crib. As your children get older, they may get curious about undoing zippers or just love to be naked. Whatever the reason, this is one behavior parents want to put an end to, pronto.

Read on for some tips from our MBFOM members who have been there, fixed that!

First step: put the diaper on backwards with the tabs in the back. Makes it harder for them to get to, and hopefully will be enough to discourage them.

Next: If the backwards diaper has not worked, try putting sleepers on backwards. You can double it up with a sleep sack also on backwards with the zipper in the back. Also try putting a safety pin through the zipper to prevent it from coming undone. Or topping it with a cotton t-shirt so they can’t get at the zipper.

The ultimate fix

Still have an escape artist? Try the ultimate fix: Duct tape, hockey tape, painters tape, clear packing tape! Pro Tip: Start and end the tape at the back so that your little one can’t find the end of the tape.