Drop Off, Pick Up & Fees

What to Know About Dropping Off Your Sale Items

  • Drop off starts at 5:15 pm Friday night, once all the racks and tables have been set up and ends at 7:00 pm.  Late drop offs will have to be turned away. Please refer to the map below.
  • Vendors are responsible for placing their items on the sale floor in the proper locations before 7:15 pm.
  • Vendors will be directed where to line up for off-loading, as well as where to park while your vehicle is being unloaded. Please stay in your vehicle while volunteers unload your sale items. Once unloaded, and parked in the lot, it is your responsibility to sort and place your items on the sale floor by 7:15 pm sharp. Any items not unpacked will remain in that state for the member to pick up after the sale on Saturday.

Note: Out of town vendors may drop off and set up their items at 8:30 am on Saturday. This MUST be arranged prior to the sale weekend with the Sales Team.

What to Know About Picking Up Your Unsold Items

Pick up of unsold items will be between 3:15 pm and 4:00 pm Saturday.  Please do not enter the arena floor until the Sales Team has given the go ahead to proceed with the collection of your items.  Volunteers will have sorted all unsold items by member number. Please locate your pile and load your items as quickly as possible.

If you are volunteering and have items that need to be picked up please wait until the Sales Team has deemed the arena clean and ready for pick-ups to begin. We all want to be home at the end of the day and it is unfair for some to load up while others are still working on sorting and cleaning. Please stay for your entire shift and check out when your shift if done.

After 4:00 pm Saturday all unclaimed items become property of MBFOM and will be donated to local charities as designated by the MBFOM Executive.

There will be an area in the arena after the sale for lost tags / no tags / unsellable items that are found during the sale.  Please remember to check this area before you leave for home. Any unclaimed items in this area will be donated to our designated charity at the end of the sale.

Donate Your Unsold Items

You also have the option to indicate you want to donate unsold items to our charity of choice (you will find this on the registration form). This means you will not have to pick up any items.

Vendor Payments and MBFOM Commissions

Our spring and sales are the primary source of fundraising for our club activities. MBFOM will deduct the sale commission from your total sales as follows:

    • 25% will be deducted from vendors who do not volunteer at the sale
    • 20% will be deducted from vendors who volunteer for one 3 & 1/4 hour shift
    • 15% will be deducted from vendors who volunteer for two or more 3 & 1/4 hour shifts and from the Executives not volunteering at the sale
  • 10% will be deducted from Executive members volunteering at the sale who have been in their positions for more than 90 days.

A $3.00 fee will be withdrawn from all vendors’ proceeds to pay for postage of the envelope, containing your tags and cheque. Sales cheques will be mailed out approximately 4 weeks after the sale.