Join the MBFOM Exec!

Join the MBFOM Exec!

We are looking for active MBFOM members to join our Executive Team for the 2020/2021 year!

All board members are expected to attend the monthly meetings, usually 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 (note: meetings are virtual for 2020/2021) and be available to volunteer at the semi-annual sales. Each role has additional duties as outlined below.

We have the following positions available:


  • Create and email monthly newsletter on Glue Up (10 a year)
  • Maintain MBFOM website, including backups, security, domain & hosting renewals, etc
  • Update MBFOM website, including graphics, updating content and web pages
  • Create and share MBFOM blog posts on social media
  • Manage MBFOM social media – public FB page, FB group, monthly member giveaways
  • Create all graphics for web, blog, social media
  • Create print promotional materials for MBFOM
  • Publicize MBFOM events, including on web, FB group and Glue Up
  • Create annual Welcome Package for members
  • Promote MBFOM events alongside directors

PR & Discounts

  • Manage MBFOM Member Discount List
    • Ensure the list of discounts is up to date
    • Acquire new discounts for our members
  • Source prizes for MBFOM fundraising events and prize draws
  • Distribute MBFOM materials to relevant hospitals and community health offices that support pregnant multiple parents/new parents
  • Manage fundraising campaigns (i.e. label fundraisers)
  • Be available to volunteer at the Spring and Fall sales

Sales Team – Social Media

  • Schedule Social Media posts and reply to comments on posts
  • Design graphics for sales and posts for Social Media
  • At the sale:
    • Checkout Manager 
    • Problem solves checkout area as needed 
    • Helps checkout teams with any tech issues 
    • Steps in where needed 
    • Organizes hanger and return removal 
    • Helps organize lunch breaks as needed 
  • Create a message about plastic bags – why we use them and what you could do with them after the sale
  • *Know the sales package and all the roles* 

Social Events (Available Jan 2021)

  • Coordinate and facilitate social/fun events for MBFOM members families including Holiday Party, Summer Picnic and Halloween Family Dance Party. This includes:
    • Securing Venue
    • Coordinating Volunteers/Staffing
    • Coordinating Decorations/Food/Refreshments
    • Coordinating Entertainment
    • Working with Communications on Promoting Event

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at