MBFOM Stroller Advice Round Up

MBFOM Stroller Advice Round Up

One of the main questions we get posted in our MBFOM Members Only Facebook group is “What stroller do you have and would you recommend it?” A double or triple stroller is so important to parents of multiples as its a main tool that will help you get out of the house with your babies.

So, first an introduction to the two main kinds of double strollers – Tandem and Side by Side.

A tandem, or “in-line” stroller, has one seat behind the other. Sometimes they are stacked up stadium-style, other times not. The main benefit of a tandem stroller is that it’s the same width as a single stroller. The downside is that they can be harder to maneuver due to its length and can be hard to fit into some trunks.

Tandem or In Line Stroller

A side-by-side stroller is double wide and are generally easier to push and steer. But they can be harder to get through doorways and can monopolize a narrow sidewalk.

A side by side stroller

Now that you know what the options look like, here are some of the top stroller suggestions, directly from our MBFOM members:

Most Convenient: Double Snap and Go

Pros: This tandem stroller is affordable, lightweight and easy to use. This stroller is essentially a frame that allows you to pop infant bucket seats in and off you go! It’s very quick and convenient for in and out trips to a store.

Cons: This stroller has a limited lifespan – you can only use it while your babies are still in infant bucket seats. After that you will have to find another stroller. And it does not do great in deep snow, which is a factor to consider in Manitoba.

Most Popular with MBFOM Moms: Baby Jogger City Select

Pros: Another tandem stroller, the “BJCS” as its often called is versatile with two movable seats that can be put in a variety of positions including facing each other (great for peek a boo!). You can also get a glider board that attaches and would be handy if you have an older singleton who wants to hitch a ride. Car seat adapters can be purchased separately to use this stroller with bucket car seats.

Cons: This stroller can be quite expensive new, especially when you factor in car seat adapters and the second seat kit (its typically sold as a single, then you purchase a second seat). Fortunately, our member often have some used ones to sell. Check out our MBFOM semi annual sales or our members buy and sell to snag a deal on a used one!

Best Affordable Option: Contours Options Elite

Pros: A more affordable tandem stroller, this one offers versatility of seating arrangements and a large storage basket which comes in handy for storing diaper bags.

Cons: This stroller is heavier (38lbs) and can get hard to push when you add two children, making it difficult to steer. It also has smaller wheels that won’t go over heavy terrain so is not suited for jogging or off roading.

Which leads us to….

Best for Off Roading: BOB Duallie Jogger

Pros: Our first side by side stroller on the list, the BOB features large inflatable wheels allow this rugged stroller to easily off road and go on adventures. It pushes well even in gravel and sand! The side by side layout is small enough to fit through standard accessible doorways. This is a true jogger stroller, making it great for outdoor exercising.

Cons: The side by side layout of the stroller takes up more room in your trunk or mini van. It is also can be hard to get things from the relatively small storage basket.

Best Premium Option: UPPAbaby Vista Double

Pros: Stylish and functional in one package, the UPPAbaby Vista Double is a great premium tandem stroller option. It is easy to push and maneuver. This stroller also comes with a bassinet which can be used on walks and double as a bed when your babies are little. It also has a great warranty and excellent customer service.

Cons: Price – the single stroller sets you back about $1300 and add in the second seat and its well over $1500. This stroller has gotten great reviews in our group, so if you can afford the price tag it might be worth it!

Best for Triplets: Joovy Double with Jooey Seat

Pros: This side by side stroller holds three babies comfortably with the addition of the Jooey seat. It still fits through most standard doorways, and is easy to push on most surfaces thanks to its big jogging wheels.

Cons: The bottom basket is not great for holding larger diaper bags so pack your things accordingly!

Pro Tip: Another great option for triplets when they are small is to get a double stroller and baby wear the 3rd

Stroller Honorable Mention: Costco Folding Wagon

While not technically a stroller, its easy to say almost all the MBFOM member families have one of these bad boys!

Pros: It folds flat, takes up little or no room in storage, and is great for transporting kids and all their junk for years to come! Do yourself a favor and buy one next time you see it at the store. At $69 its a steal!

Cons: You have to pull it, which makes it less than ideal for long walks. Also it’s not technically a stroller so make sure your kids will stay put and sit still when in the wagon.