Sale FAQ for Members

Please read through the topics below for answers to all your questions about the sale!

Buying at the Sale

Current MBFOM members may shop at 9:00 am Saturday. Members MUST show their digital membership card. Please have this ready at the door to get into the sale. Without a current digital membership card, you will be asked to shop with the public at 10:30 am.
If you need to renew or apply for a membership, please go to and fill out the form. All renewals and payments are done online through our Member Portal called EventBank. You need to have a current membership to shop the sale, and we will not be able to take payments at the door. Please do this in advance of the sale!
If you volunteer at the sale you are invited to pre-shop on Friday night from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm
After making sure you have a current membership, please use open top containers to shop i.e. totes, wagons, boxes, etc. Trace your children's feet so that you can easily size and purchase shoes. Measure their favorite pants and tops to see what will fit, as sizing always varies by brand. When making your wish list, think of all the seasonal items you may need: rubber boots, rain suits, winter boots, snow suits, ice skates, sleds, dance gear, Halloween costumes, swimming suits, etc.
Yes of course! But your children MUST always be accompanied by an adult. Toys must be paid and removed from the sales floor before they are opened and played with. Please do not let them ride the bikes or use the toys without first paying for them!
When sorting out all your great finds, please refrain from leaving a pile of unwanted items on the sale floor. All our sellers are members and our items have the best chance of finding a new home when in the designated areas. If you see an unwanted pile, please let a volunteer know. Once you have paid for your merchandise, please exit the sale floor immediately.
Cash and debit are accepted forms of payment. Current members may also pay by cheque with your member # in the memo section. A $25.00 fee will be charged for NSF cheques and post-dated cheques will NOT be accepted. If paying with debit there will be a small charge per transaction for the buyer.

Selling at the Sale

MBFOM members are to register at as a seller. For consecutive sales an email will be sent when the sale is active, and registration is open. When registering, you will need your MBFOM membership number as this will be your seller number. Please make sure the mailing address is correct and where you want your cheque to be mailed to. If you are unsure about your membership number, you can find it on your electronic membership card or by emailing
The most common items that are sold in MBFOM sales are children’s clothing from preemie to youth size 14, shoes up to youth size 6, toys, children’s and parenting books, baby/toddler items for feeding/diapering/bathing and large equipment such as strollers, highchairs, playpens etc. All items are to be in gently used condition and should be in season (snow suits in the fall sale, sandals in the spring sale).
Items are not permitted in the sale: • Clothing larger than youth size 14 (except for maternity clothing) • Shoes larger than youth size 6 • General garage-sale type items These items will be removed from the sales floor and placed in our “unsellable” pile. We also ask you do NOT sell large heavy items like cribs, mattresses, dressers, change tables, etc.
We ask that you refrain from putting these items into the sale. Our reputation is key to ensuring the sale stays successful. We have received complaints about items not working or being in poor condition (ripped, stained, etc.) in the past. We continue to rely on you as sellers to check the quality of your items before bringing it to the sale. While we recognize that prepping for the sale is a lot of work, we need to ensure the items at the sale are of a standard quality so that people will continue to come to our sales and buy our items, and we maintain a good reputation. We ask that ALL items be in working condition, cleaned, have no holes/rips/stains, have all the pieces (games, equipment). No carnival toys (stuffed toys must have a tag).
If selling a car seat, a car seat waiver form must be filled out and attached to the seat for the sale. Car seats manufactured BEFORE 2012, seats that appear to have been in an accident, or seats missing any of the following stickers will be removed: Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Date of Manufacturing and Instructions. Any unsafe or expired car seats will be pulled from the sale at the discretion of the Executive.
Due to Government standards, cribs will not be sold at the sale. Feel free to place an ad for large equipment on the wall at the sale, in our newsletter or on the Facebook page.
Think bikes, outdoor toys, rubber boots, rain coats, etc for the spring sale. For fall, think winter boots, snow suits, skates, hockey equipment, dance and gymnastic outfits, Halloween costumes.
When you enter your tags, you have the option of selecting individual items you wish to donate. If you have any good condition items that you would like to donate to our chosen charity, please bring it on Saturday when the sale is finished, and you are picking up your unsold items.
Power Hour takes place Saturday from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. It is when select items are reduced in price by 50%. Vendors can choose if they want to participate, and can also select which items they would like to reduce in price.
MBFOM will deduct the sale commission from your total sales as follows: • 25% will be deducted from sellers who do not volunteer at the sale • 20% will be deducted from sellers who volunteer for one 3 hr 15 min shift • 15% will be deducted from sellers who volunteer for two or more 3 hr 15 min shifts and from Executives not volunteering at the sale • 10% will be deducted from Executive members volunteering at the sale who have been in their positions for more than 90 days. • 0% will be deducted from Executive members volunteering at the sale who have been in their positions for two years or more. A $2.00 fee will be withdrawn from all sellers’ proceeds to pay for postage of the envelope, containing your cheque. Sales cheques will be mailed out approximately 2-4 weeks after the sale.

Preparing Your Items to Sell

Make sure all your items are clean, in working order, have batteries, and have all the pieces (games, puzzles, etc). Put all clothing on hangers. There is very limited space on the tables which is used for bulk items - think socks - or items that don't hang such as mitts and hats. Bundle smaller items like socks, underwear, diapers in a clear ziplock bag.
Start collecting hangers in advance. Ask at children's clothing stores for spares. Check with other members in our Facebook group. Keep any that come with clothing you purchase from stores. Also when picking up your unsold items at the end of a sale, grab a box of spare hangers when you leave!
Items are to be priced in 50 cent increments (ie: $1, $1.50, $2, $2.50) with a minimum starting value of $1. Pricing of your items, and choosing to participate in Power Hour, is totally up to you!
Clothing is displayed separately by gender and it is best to pre-sort your clothing items by gender and size category so that when you arrive at the sale you can take that group of items directly to that rack to put them out quickly without having to backtrack around the sales floor. Refer to the information below on how the clothing will be sectioned and grouped at the sale. For those clothing items that are sized such as 3-6M on the retail tag, we recommend placing that item on the rack marked for 3M clothing.
Clothing will be grouped in the following manor. Please tag and sort your items accordingly. Each has its own rack: • Preemie/NB • 3M • 6M • 9M • 12M • 18M • 24M/2T • 3T • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 Size 8/9/10/12/14 will share 2-3 racks depending on space and volume. Maternity (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) will have a rack with size separators The following will have racks as needed with size separators • Winter Jackets/Snow Suits (fall sale only) and Jackets/Rain Gear (spring sale only) (NB,3M,6M,12M,18M,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14) • Sports/Dance (NB,3M,6M,12M,18M,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14)
We ask you attach your tags using safety pins. Do not use staples or straight pins. You may also want to get clear packing tape, zip ties, rubber bands, and binder clips. A magic eraser goes a LONG way to cleaning up shoes, toys and other items that may need a refresh!
If you are re-pricing an item that was tagged for a previous sale, please replace your tags. Do not write over the old price as we will not know who has made the change and the item will be deemed unsellable for that sale.
Do not use tape to “laminate” your tags. This makes reading the barcode difficult. Tags must be easy for the scanner to read, ensuring lineups move quickly during the sale. If you absolutely must tape the item, please leave the barcode bare.
We found that taggers who used the plastic tagging guns to attach tags had MORE tags go missing, compared to those that used safety pins. Please avoid using the plastic tagging gun.
Please do NOT tape over the pins to hold the tag on. This makes removing the tags quite difficult for the purchaser and is not necessary to keep the tags attached. Save your time and tape!
MBFOM assumes no responsibility for missing items, items with missing tags, or items that are tagged without member numbers. All items without a member number or items with lost or missing tags that have not been picked up from the “no tag or no member number” pile at the end of the sale will be donated to the charity designated to receive the donated items from the sale.

Sale Drop Off & Pick Up

Accordion Sample DescriptionSellers are responsible for placing their items on the sale floor in the proper locations before 7:15 pm. Drop off starts at 5:15 pm Friday night, once all the racks and tables have been set up and ends at 7:00 pm. Late drop offs will be turned away.
Sellers will be directed as to where to line up for off-loading, as well as where to park while your vehicle is being unloaded. Please stay in your vehicle while volunteers unload your sale items. Once unloaded, and parked in the lot, it is your responsibility to sort and place your items on the sale floor by 7:15 pm sharp. Any items not unpacked will remain in that state for the member to pick up after the sale on Saturday.
Out of town sellers may drop off and set up their items at 8:15 am on Saturday. This MUST be arranged prior to the sale weekend by contacting the Sales Team at
Pick up of unsold items will be between 4:15 pm and 5:00 pm Saturday. Please do not enter the sales floor until the Sales Team has given the go ahead to proceed with the collection of your items. Volunteers will have sorted all unsold items by member number. Please locate your pile and load your items as quickly as possible. After 5:00 pm Saturday all unclaimed items become property of MBFOM and will be donated to local charities as designated by the MBFOM Executive.
If you are volunteering and have items that need to be picked up, please wait until the Sales Team has deemed the arena clean and ready for pick-ups to begin. We all want to be home at the end of the day and it is unfair for some to load up while others are still working on sorting and cleaning. Please stay for your entire shift and check out when your shift is done.
There will be an area in the venue after the sale for lost tags / no tags / unsellable items that are found during the sale. Please remember to check this area before you leave for home. Any unclaimed items in this area will be donated to our designated charity at the end of the sale.