Who Can Become a Seller

Only families with current Manitoba Families of Multiples memberships are permitted to sell items in the MBFOM sales. Please ensure your membership is up to date prior to the sale. There will NOT be the option to renew at the sale.

To assist in ensuring there is room for all members to participate as vendors in the Sales and to respect the privilege of MBFOM membership status, please refrain from selling items on behalf of others at the sale.


How to Register as a Seller

Our registration process has changed to an online process through My Consignment Manager. Click the button below for instructions on how to register:


What Can Be Sold at MBFOM Sales

The most common items that are sold in MBFOM sales are children’s clothing from preemie to youth size 16, shoes up to youth size 6, toys, children’s and parenting books, baby/toddler items for feeding/diapering/bathing and large equipment such as strollers, highchairs, playpens etc.

All items are to be in gently used condition and should be in season (snow suits in the fall sale, sandals in the spring sale).  If you have out of season items you wish to sell before the next sale you can post those on our Facebook page after the sale or before the selling blackout period.  (Check Section 4 for the MBFOM Facebook Group selling blackout dates).

What Not to Sell at MBFOM Sales

Clothing larger than youth size 16 (with the exception of maternity clothing), shoes larger than youth size 6 or general garage-sale type items are not permitted in the sale.  Items that are deemed soiled, torn, or heavily used will be removed from the sale floor and returned to the vendor. Ensure that games, equipment, etc. have all pieces included, and check that they are in good working order.  No carnival stuffed toys are to be sold; all stuffed toys must have tags.

Sale items must be:

  • Working condition or otherwise stated
  • Cleaned prior to sale
  • Have no holes/rips
  • Have no stains
  • Games/equipment should have all pieces and be in working order
  • No carnival toys (stuffed toys must have tags)

Items that do not adhere to these standards are removed from the sale floor. We will be tracking these. If more than four of a seller’s items have to be removed from the sale because they do adhere to these standards, the MBFOM executive may suspend this member family from selling in the next sale.

Large heavy items such as cribs, mattresses, dressers, changing tables will not be allowed on the sales floor.  You are welcome to advertise your items on our Facebook page, newsletter or make a sign to post on the wall at the sale.

Please do not bring any free items to the sale. If you fear losing an item of large value, please do not put it in the sale.  We would rather you post it on our Facebook page or make a sign to be placed on the wall of the arena.

Tagging Your Items

Click the button below for full instructions on how to tag your items correctly. By following these instructions, and using the proper supplies, you will help ensure the efficiency of the check out process.