September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month

September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month

Join us in honouring all NICU patients, families and the health professionals who care for them. Every year over 30,000 babies are born prematurely in Canada. But, it’s not just preemies that are cared for in the NICU, with constant advances in neonatal medicine means that more infants are able to benefit from the highly specialized care that a NICU can offer. Neonatology is a highly specialized field and even babies born at a normal birth weight or are considered full-term can benefit from the specialized care of expertise of the NICU team.

We encourage you to join us in observing these days:

  • September 26 NICU Remembrance Day
  • September 27 NICU Giving Day
  • September 28 NICU Staff Recognition Day
  • September 29 Sibling Support Day
  • September 30 Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Day

A Winnipeg-based neonatologist manages a blog that offers a wealth of information for those that are looking to learn more or find various supports.

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