Spring Sale 2020

Spring Sale 2020

There is just over 100 days to go until our MBFOM Spring Sale! No time like the present for our members to get tagging.

We implemented a new online registration and tagging system in Fall 2019, and it was met with great feedback and overwhelming sales success. If you sold in the fall sale, you can easily move over your unsold items to the spring sale. Here is how!

  1. Go to https://myconsignmentmanager.com/mbfom/ and log in with your User ID and password.
  2. Once you are logged in, click Manage Inventory – Item Transfers
  3. In the drop downs, select Transferring from (MBFOM FALL 2019 Closed) and Transferring to (MBFOM SPRING 2020 Active)
  4. The list of available items to transfer will be displayed below. NOTE: It will initially show BOTH sold and unsold items! You do not want to transfer sold items as this will create errors!!
  5. Click the drop down below STATUS and select Not Sold, then click Refresh (black button on left). The list should refresh to show only Not Sold items.
  6. Select the items you wish to transfer (select only the SEASONALLY Appropriate ones please! For example, do not transfer Halloween Costumes, snow suits, winter boots, etc to the Spring sale)
  7. When all are selected, click Transfer Now. These items are now ready to be sold in the Spring Sale! You can enter more new items either by clicking Enter Items or Express Tagging.

Tips: Depending on how many items are in your inventory, you may want to expand your listing to show more than 25 items at a time. Otherwise they will display on multiple pages, 25 per page.

For those members that are new to the sale or have not yet tried the online system, please check out our Sales Registration Process or Sale FAQ page!