Summer at Home

Summer at Home

Summer 2020 may just be the year of the Staycation! Trips and travel are cancelled and so many things are closed. Summer camps, annual celebrations, rec centers, pools, arenas, libraries, museums and most attractions are all closed for the foreseeable future.

So we are all having to think of new ways to keep the kids busy and engaged, while maintaining social distancing. Our MBFOM members have some great ideas!

Family Time

  • Plan an outing to the Zoo or Fort Whyte
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy some time outdoors
  • Spray pads in Winnipeg are opening but note: social distancing rules apply, there are no bathrooms and use spaces at your own risk
  • Movie nights with a pizza party and popcorn
  • Strawberry picking at a U Pick lot
  • Have a backyard bonfire with smores or other fun treats
  • Housework! Yes, put those kids to work helping you with things that need to get done around your home. Washing windows, dusting, organizing, cleaning their rooms
  • Yard work! Set up a bike washing station, wash the car, water the lawn, mow and weed whack. Smaller kids can help with easier tasks like holding the yard bag for clippings, water with a watering can.


  • Walks in the stroller – check out our stroller advice post!
  • Get some outdoor time in the shade. Don’t forget a pop up shelter to keep the sun rays away
  • Spend some time in a splash pool in the backyard
  • Attend a virtual baby music class
  • Naps! Never underestimate the power of a good nap 1-3 x a day
Hanging out in a UV tent

Pre School Age Kids

  • Bubbles – kids love bubbles! Avoid tears and invest in a unspill-able container or better yet, opt for a bubble machine
  • Enjoy the warm days by running through the sprinkler or playing at a water table
  • Enlist their help in gardening. You can get small watering cans and garden tools at the dollar store, and put those kids to work!
  • Spend time on a bike or scooter. Balance bikes are a great alternative for littles who can’t quite pedal a big bike yet
  • Buy some sidewalk chalk or better yet make your own! Then decorate the driveway, sidewalk or front steps
  • Crafts! Some ideas for toddlers include egg carton caterpillars, painted pasta necklaces, finger painting, scissor work, and paper plate crafts
  • Build a blanket fort inside on rainy days
  • Do a back yard scavenger hunt – click here for a free printable!
  • Throw them out in the backyard with sunscreen and bug spray, and let them play! Kids can find ways to entertain themselves and you can supervise from afar
  • Invest in some outdoor play equipment – a swing set, sand box, bouncer, trampoline! These may be a bit of an upfront cost but will get tons of use for years to come
Balance Bikes are great on trails!

Older Kids

  • If your kids are into Mountain Biking then you have to check out the Bison Butte bike trails. Urban trail design based around a former concrete plant. Use of reclaimed concrete, limestone to form rock gardens, drops, pump track, off-camber corners, berms & bridges with a hill of about 50′ vertical. Note that there are no washrooms or water on site. Pro Tip: Park in the Cabella’s parking lot for easy access
  • Check out some of the skate parks in the city, either to participate or watch. Note: The City will not be cleaning or sanitizing playgrounds more frequently than normal. Use of these spaces is at your own risk
Check out the local skate parks
  • Take the kids hiking, fishing, or canoeing and explore the great outdoors
  • Yard work, cause let’s face it, you don’t want to do it all alone! Teach them to mow, weed whack and rake
  • Crafts! Some ideas for older children include paper plate dream catchers, string art, painting on canvas, jewelry making, and origami
  • If you have a dance student that didn’t get to do their year end recital, do one virtually. Face Time family members and do an online recital
  • Board Game Day – break out the board games, cards and crib board!
  • Painting rocks and hiding (Check out the FB group: Winnipeg Rocks)
  • Host a family Backyard Olympics. The real Olympics are postponed but you can still set up your own all day or all week event. Track and field, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Add in just for fun events like a spoon race or three legged race!
  • Try geocaching as part of the worlds largest treasure hunt. There are over 2,800 geocaches around Winnipeg for you to try and find
  • Let them plan a special meal for the family! They can research recipes, plan the grocery list and learn to cook it
Playing in the backyard