Tagging/Preparing Your Items

How to Prepare, Price and Tag Your Sale Items for Successful Selling


Our reputation is key to ensuring the sale stays successful. We have received increased complaints about items not working or being in poor condition (ripped, stained, etc) over the last few sales.

We rely on you as vendors to check the quality of your item before bringing it to the sale. While we recognize that prepping for the sale is a lot of work, we need to ensure the items at the sale are of a standard quality so that people will continue to come to our sales and buy our items and we maintain a good reputation.

Sale items must be:

  • Working condition or otherwise stated
  • Cleaned prior to sale
  • Have no holes/rips
  • Have no stains
  • Games/equipment should have all pieces and be in working order
  • No carnival toys (stuffed toys must have tags)

Items that do not adhere to these standards are removed from the sale floor. We will be tracking these. If more than four of a seller’s items have to be removed from the sale because they do adhere to these standards, the MBFOM executive may suspend this member family from selling in the next sale.

Download the tag template here.

All clothing should be on hangers as there is very limited space on tables which are used for bulk items such as socks, or items that don’t hang like mitts and hats etc.  Smaller articles such as socks, undershirts, diapers, should be bundled in a clear ziplock bag with a tag on the outside of the bag which can be attached with a safety pin or a single piece of packing tape on the left side of the tag.

Items are to be priced in $.25 increments (e.g. / $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, etc.) with a minimum starting value of $1.00.

Tag all items prior to arriving at the sale as there is not sufficient time to price items at the sale. The changing of tags during the sale is prohibited and prices are to remain fixed for the duration of the sale.

Clothing is displayed separately by gender and its best to presort your clothing items by gender and size category so that when you arrive at the sale you can take that group of items directly to that rack to put them out quickly without having to backtrack around the sales floor.  Refer to the information below on how the clothing will be sectioned and grouped at the sale. For those clothing items that are sized such as 3-6M on the retail tag, we recommend placing that item on the rack marked for 3M clothing.

Only use tags provided by MBFOM.  Your member number must appear on both sides of the tags. You can enter your member number on the form using your computer prior to printing to save time and ensure legibility. Print with printer set to Landscape and ensure the tags take up most of the space on the sheet. You may also use colored paper.

Keep the description short and concise.  In the event that a tag and sale item are separated, this description may help the volunteers match them together again.  State on the tag how many items are supposed to be included (ex. 2pcs. 4pr. Socks etc.). For larger items, such as strollers, playpens, gates, bikes etc. tags can be attached with string, or zip tie.  Or if that isn’t possible, with a single piece of packing tape on the left side of the tag.

If you are re-pricing an item that was tagged for a previous sale, please replace your tags.  Do not write over the old price as we will not know who has made the change and the item will be deemed unsellable therefore eliminating a potential sale for you.

Only use safety pins for tagging sale items please.  Do not use staples or straight pins. This may cause the tags to rip and/or potentially hurt someone who is looking through the clothing or it may damage the item.  Pin the short part of the tag only (on the left-hand side) do not pin or tape both sides of the tag. This makes de-tagging difficult and slows down the selling process.  

Do not use tape to “laminate” your tags.  This makes removal at the de-tag table difficult and time consuming.  Tags must be easy for the de-taggers to tear off, ensuring line-ups move quickly during the sale.  If you absolutely have to tape the item, please only tape the left-hand side of the tag to allow for easy tearing of the tag.

MBFOM assumes no responsibility for missing items, items with missing tags, or items that are tagged without member numbers.  All items without a member number or items with lost or missing tags that have not been picked up from the “no tag or no member number” pile at the end of the sale will be donated to the charity designated to receive the donated items from the sale.

Sale Areas and Sizing Sections

Clothing will be grouped in the following manor.  Please mark your tags accordingly.

    • Preemie/NB, 3M, 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, and 24M/2T will each have their own racks
    • Sizes 3T, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will also have their own racks
    • Size 8/9 and Size 10/12/14 will share 2-3 racks depending on space and volume     
    • Maternity (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) will have a rack with size separators
  • The following will have racks as needed with size separators
      • Winter Jackets/Snow Suits (fall sale only) and Jackets/Rain Gear (spring sale only) (NB,3M,6M,12M,18M,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14)    
    • Sports/Dance (NB,3M,6M,12M,18M,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14)    

Other areas in the sale will include:

    • Shoes/Boots
    • Costume – please hang  (fall sale only)
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Games
    • Movies
    • Bedroom Décor
    • Bedding
    • Feeding Items
    • Bathing Items
    • Diapering Items
    • Potty Items
    • Baby Gates
    • Safety Items
    • Baby Carriers
    • Large Equipment Area (for items like high chairs, playpens, strollers, bikes etc.)
  • Bigger Toys & Small Equipment (for things such as toddler tables and chairs, bouncy seats, doll houses etc.)

Car Seats, Equipment and Government Standards

If selling a car seat, a car seat waiver form must be filled out and attached to the seat for the sale.

Car seats manufactured BEFORE 2013, seats that appear to have been in an accident, or seats missing any of the following stickers will be removed: Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Date of Manufacturing and Instructions.  Any unsafe or expired car seats will be pulled from the sale at the discretion of the Executive.

MBFOM reserves the right to decide if equipment does not meet current safety standards. This includes cradle and car seat safety standards as published by Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Hazardous Products Act, and infant seats that do not meet Transport Canada Guidelines for resale.

Due to Government standards, cribs will not be sold at the sale.  Feel free to place an ad fo large equipment on the wall at the sale, in our newsletter or the Facebook page.