Thank You

Thank You

We want to thank our members for embracing all the changes that we have had as an organization this year. It was not an easy decision to cancel our many annual social events, including the Spring Dance, Playgroups, Summer BBQ, New Members events and Spring Sale. We know our members look forward to these events every year. We hope to be at a place where we can resume our social and sale events safely in the future.

As the end of our 2019/2020 year draws to a close, our Executive team all has the opportunity to decide if we want to stay on the Board for another year or to give up our positions and allow new members to join the Exec.

We want to thank our departing Executives Pamela Saldivar (4 years – Sales Team Social Media), Angela Klassen (2 years, Sales Team Volunteer Coordinator) and Charlene Brown (4 years, Outreach) for their time, commitment and dedication to our organization.

We also want to thank our departing Past President Roshelle Kresnyak who has served MBFOM for 6 years on the Sales Team, Sales Lead, Vice President, President and Past President. We appreciate all the work Roshelle has done to contribute to our club over the years.

We are extending a big thank you to all the Executive Team who are staying on for another year or branching out to new roles on the board. Our club is run entirely by volunteers and we couldn’t do it without everyone who volunteers to keep it running!