Welcome to MBFOM

Manitoba Families of Multiples is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that supports parents and guardians of multiples in the province of Manitoba, that is staffed by a group of volunteer members.

The main objectives of MBFOM are to provide guidance and moral support to families of multiple births, and to promote an interest in, and supply information about, multiples to any interested group or individual.

From social gatherings to online community, member families are engaged and supported in the experience of raising multiples. As part of your membership fees you can expect monthly newsletters, family social events, new member gatherings, and the ability to buy and sell at our semi-annual sales. You can also find moral support and practical advice from experienced parents on everything from breastfeeding, special needs, medical issues and single parenting.

If you live in Manitoba and are expecting or already have multiples, we encourage you to join MBFOM.